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Foreign Literature Essay

Nowadays, we are living in a world that everything exist makes our life easier. Technologies, upgrade and change rapid and it will last for long time. At the moment, folks is still using the most useful and informative matter in searching significant things. Internet is the best way in exploring matters, and currently numerous are exploiting it. Business, government, organizations, companies are the usual users of internet. Reasons why people use internet is because it will provide and suggest sites that you can assure you will not victim by some people who are untrusted. Business like selling and reserving house and lots has their own websites that you can visit and inquire if you are interested in buying there house and lots.

Today people are not much put effort in buying or reserving house and lot, one of the reason is they are busy on their work and they cannot a lot time to visit the subdivision. Instead of visiting some subdivision they just surf the internet to know what are the subdivisions that are selling high class or regular style of houses and how extent the lots that can be reserved by the customer. Tarlac is one of the provinces who are progressive and still strive hard just to make it well-liked by the individuals who had been on this place. There are myriads of the subdivisions in Tarlac, so competition takes place. In order to have buyers, different tactics and techniques are needed. Shangri-La Homes Subdivision is a new build subdivision located at San Jose, Tarlac.


This research is intended and developed an “Online House and Lot Reservation for Shangri-La Homes Subdivision” that can be accessed of the people who are interested in buying or reserving house and lots. Precisely, it attained the subsequent objectives: * To help people in buying and reserving house and lots in much easier ways. * To organized the transactions between the buyer and the administration * To lessen the effort of the customers.

The Online House and Lot Reservation for Shangri-La Homes Subdivision reinforced the administration of the subdivision,

This research concentrates only on Online House and Lot Reservation for Shangri-La Homes Subdivision. The system helped the administration of the subdivision and buyers to put less effort in buying and reserving house and lot in typical ways. Administration of the subdivision will not have more strategies to make just to have buyers, in the part of the administration they will not hire people who are giving leaflets and have an advertisement furthermore they can saved money. On the other hand, the buyers who are interested will not go to the subdivision and ask much information and they can save their time in spending it with their families.

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