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Foreign Land Essay

Leaving most of my baggage behind, I find myself sitting and wondering at the children frolicking right in front of me. I haven’t been here long but the sun sending out its rays upon me feels like I’m on a temporary euphoria. I have been cold from the winter that never seemed to end. I felt alone and hollow. No one seems to hear me out as I call for someone.

I can’t feel that here because as those kids playing right in front of me laugh at things that no other grown up would, it makes me want to be here longer and never want to come back to the reality I got used to. The waves keep on coming like it was never bound to end. Yet, the children I see chase it even if they were sent off constantly back to the shore. I would have feared for them to drown, yet they laugh just like a normal child would. With this I thought, would I ever have the same courage as them?

As I ask this, one of them came up to me and said, “Mister, do you want to be buried in sand? ” I would have been mad at the thought of playing with a child. But at what rulebook says that I can’t go back to my childhood which I have long forgotten? I just thought that for me to dash on forward, I have to step back first. The tropical sun soon blinded me with its rays as the noontime breeze pushes itself toward my face. Slowly, I hear the children laugh even louder as sand slowly craved itself toward my whole body.

In a sudden, I am half covered with fine, white sand. I felt like in a bed I so longed to have. I seemed to have forgotten about the pressures in my life. I forgot about my family, I forgot about school. All I know, I have myself and the kids. And for as long I am here with them, as long as I don’t step back into the plane back to home. I know that I won’t be alone for a while. In a brink of reality, I just haven’t been into a foreign land; I am under a foreign sense.

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