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Foreign direct investment Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Political Investment Environment of India

The Political Investment Environment of India Investing in a country needs to take a look at all the political, economic, social and technological environments. India, as one of the post BRIC countries, developing with high economic growth, comparatively stable social and political environment, and essential infrastructure, attracts people all over the world to look for investing opportunities and start business here. Like the situation in China, it is important and critical for investors to know local political environment and government relations if planning to run business locally in India, since government has large rights over a lot of affairs. After doing some research, I find that there are supports as well as some obstacles placed from political environment. According to…

The Choice of Foreign Entry Modes in a Control Perspective

The Choice of Foreign Entry Modes in a Control Perspective Svend Hollensen*, Britta Boyd** and Anna Marie Dyhr Ulrich*** The aim of this article is to investigate the choice of entry modes for international markets in a control perspective. A survey from the Confederation of Danish Industry with 234 Danish Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) served as the data base. The entry modes are categorized into three groups depending on the control that the company has over its activities abroad. The paper examines the selected factors that influence the entry modes of Danish SMEs in different strategic settings. Results show that the most deciding factor for the choice of high control entry mode (subsidiary) was the factor ‘turnover’. The factors,…