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Foreign Cultures Essay

The problem of the students who have to learn foreign cultures or not had concerned a number of people. Some individuals advocate that the students are just need to know their own country culture.However, their are a large group of opponents have an opposite perspective. As far as I concerned,The students in college are necessary to know the foreign cultures. Most of the student will go to other countries in the future for their jobs or visit their relatives or friends. So they have to know some foreign cultures for the convenience and live without troubles. If you are a tourist on that country, and you know the foreign cultures, you can enjoy your trip. If you are working on that country, you will put more focus on your work and getting more friends. But if you don’t know the cultures of the country which you live, you will have a lot of troubles.

You can not pay any attention on you major work, you will not happy because some awkward things will happen. In addition, if you familiar with the cultures of foreign countries, wherever you are you will be the person who is most attractive. A lot of people might think you are really intelligent and know a lot of interesting things and knowledge they don’t know. So you might getting a lot of friends who interest you. If you are in the foreign country, you will have live easier and smoother. to get a good job. If you want to be a teacher in the school or a tour guide, you will need this culture a lot. In the conclusion, learning foreign cultures are really helpful, they are a sort of ability that can avoid some embarrassments, and can help you getting more opportunities to make new friends and good jobs in the future.

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