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Forces Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Macro and Micro Environmental Forces

External factors are usually divided into micro and macro environment. Macro environment is about external higher order forces which do not affect an organization dealing as yet or directly but may do so in the future. External factors may include; economic, technological, competition, political/legal, and social-cultural factors. Political factors; these are factors that relates to political system and political instability of countries where Nokia Company wish to market its products i. e. Nokia 5800XpressMusic and its music features. This will involve scrutinizing the system of government that such target countries have adopted. Nokia will therefore need to decide whether to invest in communist or capitalist countries after careful consideration of each political system in terms of carrying out business in…

Driving Forces of Historical Processes

XIX century gave birth to a number of social development theories, including Darwinism, Komte’s sociological theories, cybernetics, utopian socialism, etc. Among them Marxism and Weber’s theory of capitalism can be named as the ones, which had the greatest influence on the further development of the West and entire humanity. Marx’s ideas resulted in birth of Communism, and Weber’s substantiated classical capitalism. Although it may seem, that Marx and Weber are antagonists, they, nevertheless, show a lot of common views and assertions. This paper is to examine some basic ideas of Marx and Weber in one particular field – their idea of forces, determining social change and development and finally driving history. Basic ideas of Marx and Weber about social development…

Benefits of Enlisting in the Armed Forces

Introduction A scrutiny of the history of mankind, down the ages covering a period of 4000 years beginning from 3500BC till today indicates that in almost all the cases, the course of events have been dictated by the military prowess and the consequent superiority of one of the contenders. The fact continues to hold true even today, in this age of modernization when the emphasis is on economic power and political stability. The vital aspect of safeguarding these national interests is dependent upon one crucial factor: ‘Armed Forces’. A career in the Armed Forces may be considered to be one of the oldest professions in the history of mankind (the other being prostitution), and it may have an important role…