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Footprint Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Ecological Footprint

Like all animals, humans require a certain amount of space to support their needs. We can think of the space that provides these materials as an individual’s ‘ecological footprint. ’ Not all humans have the same ecological footprint, as the way we live our lives—our lifestyles—determines the impact we have on the environment. 1. How did your ecological footprint break down? Fill in the percentage column. Category % Food 18% Mobility 14% Shelter 9% Good 23% Services 35% 2. How many global acres does it take to support your lifestyle? It would 22. 4 global acres of Earth’s productive area to support my lifestyle. 3. If everyone lived like you do, we would need  planets to provide resources. If everyone…

Importance of the Ecological Footprint

Everyone has desire, and it will never get satisfied. Because of our desire, we use all the resources we can reach or find to produce better product and develop the technology to make our life better and easier. Ecologists have warned us so many times, every action has its consequences. One day all the resources on the planet will deplete, if we keep on using the resource like this and speed up every year. We all understand the consequences but majority of us refuse to take a step to stop or slow down what is happening just simply because most of us are selfish and don’t want to give up our good life to make the future generations have a…