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Follicle Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Natural vs. Relaxed

Are we ashamed our natural beauty? Is Relaxed the new natural? Is natural hair not gorgeous anymore? Is straight now really the best hair to have? Nowadays women give their daughters’ relaxers way too early. Giving your daughter a relaxer at age six is way too early their hair barely had anytime to grow out and see what their real texture is like. Relaxers contain chemicals and developing scalps and hairlines are especially prone to damage when these chemicals are applied to them. Unfortunately, because home relaxer kits are so easy and inexpensive to use, children as young as six years-old have been subject to them. Relaxers can sting, burn and cause irreparable damage to a young child’s scalp and…

Level2 Unit3

Unit 4: Contribute to the support of positive environments for children and young people Describe what is meant by positive environment All learning and exploring is positive and nurturing. The environment needs to encourage children’s development. It’s how children feel positive and confident about their sense of self and their individual accomplishments. Their space needs to provide a balance of challenge, risk and safety. A positive environment should have expressive materials like paint, drawing materials, and dough or clay. The space should include open-ended materials that can be used in many different ways, so children can pretend, invent and create. Sensory experiences are also very nurturing and soothing for kids’ emotions. Water play, sand play, play dough, pouring materials –…