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Fluoroscopy Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Justification: Medical Imaging and Flat Panel Detector

Based on my staff cost analysis I want to purchase an Electroencephalogram system which is an essential piece of equipment in the medical field. It is an essential tool in diagnostic imagining department. I can justify this piece of equipment will provide Return on investment as well good quality service. However, in my current research I came across one vendors that gave me intriguing quotes on an digital radiography machines. Vendor is Proximus built in 2013. Proximus Medical is a Nationwide Authorized Distributor and Systems Integrator for Altai, Varian, Vatic, Vie works (Vive-S) and Konica, the undisputed leaders in affordable, high-quality DR Digital X-ray. Contact us today and our experienced staff will gladly help you decide what would be the…