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Fluorescence Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Luminescence and Fluorescence

Abstract: This paper deals with the analytical principles underlying fluorimetry. To help with this objective, some examples of fluorimetry in its application in the clinical laboratory are also given. This paper also discusses the differences between fluorescence and phosphorescence. Discussions about the principle of fluorescence polarization immunoassay (FPIA) and luminescent measurement in the lab, as well as the advantages of chemi- or electro-luminescent labels are also presented in this paper. The luminescence phenomenon is one of the most active and commonly used current research fields. This phenomenon involves the emission or release of electromagnetic radiation from chemical species. However, in the field of Analytical Chemistry, fluorescence is the most frequently used. Aside from the conventional spectrofluorimetry, which is the measurement…

Determination of Quinine in Tonic Water

i. The selectivity of fluorimetry is greater than that of absorption spectrophotometry as it depends on excitation, absorption and emission spectra. As for fluorimetry, when molecule absorbs radiation and become excited, fluorimetry detects the intensity of light emitted from the molecule returns to ground state from excited state. Fluorescence is good at rigid molecules as it absorbs UV radiation. When two compounds are excited at the same wavelength radiation, they would emit different wavelength radiation as different compound has its unique spectrum. ii. Second, the sensitivity of fluorescence is greater than absorption spectrophotometry. As for absorption spectrophotometry, the concentration is directly proportional to the absorbance. However, in fluorimetry, concentration is directly related to the luminescent radiant power which is measured…