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Flowers Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Calyx&Corolla solution

1. Why has Calyx & Corolla been successful? Calyx & Corolla has been successful because of the following point. Firstly, Calyx & Corolla has a very simplified supply chain. They deliver flowers directly from growers to customers so that the plants are fresher and also able to decrease the costs. Secondly, Calyx & Corolla accurately position themselves and send catalogues to people who are likely to buy flowers. It’s an efficient way to market without a large amount of cost. Thirdly, Calyx & Corolla developed business partners to promote selling. 2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Calyx & Corolla formula? Strength: 1) The flower is fresher to cusumers 2) Without the middle person like wholesales and florist,…