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Flower Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Adaptations of Native Angiosperms

Angiosperms are a group of plants that have flowers and produce seeds that are enclosed within a carpel. Species within this category include herbaceous plants, shrubs, grasses and most trees. Angiosperms have adapted over the years to their environment. The particular adaptions in which angiosperms pollinate, asexually reproduce and disperse their seeds have allowed them to survive on the continent of Australia. Pollination is the transfer of pollen from the anther to the stigma. Asexual reproduction is another adaption when flowers can pollinate themselves o r are pollinated through the pollen of a plant their own species. Wind Pollination Wind pollination occurs when the large quantities of pollen are blown away during wind and are transported to the stigma of…

Flower induction in Carabao mango

Introduction: Different mango varieties naturally produce fruit every other year. That is, there are years or seasons in which a tree or the crop may be very not efficient, producing almost no fruits. For trees to be productive annually, flower inducers are used to stimulate flower growth during the ‘off’ seasons of the tree variety. Inducers increase number of viable blooms for increased production and harvest. Inducers work best on healthy, mature trees under 10-yr-old. In the flower induction trial, 2% KNO3 (Potassium nitrate) was used. It is a flower inducer which contains potash and nitrogen for rapid growth of the flower. It was sprayed on the shoots of the Carabao mango tree with mature leaves. On the other hand,…

Microteach #1 Lesson Plan

Root Tip – tip of a plant root that protects the growing tip and secretes mucilage to ease the movement of the root through soil Zone of Elongation – absorbs food & water, cell growth pushes root tip down, elongating the root Zone of Maturation – Zone where root cells differentiate, or form different kinds of tissues that make up a mature root Xylem – transports water up from roots through the plant Phloem – transports the nutrients made from photosynthesis to all parts of the plant as needed Primary Root Develops into either “tap root” or “fibrous roots”; Other smaller roots branch off; Develops from hypocotyl; Roots provide water and minerals to the plant from the soil Adventitious Roots…