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Flash pasteurization Essay

• E-coli is found in Odwalla apple juices and mixes by Washington and seattle government • Recently, 66 people are sick because of drinking odwalla juices. • Unpasteurization may be the main reason for E-Coli.

• The reason why we don’t pasteurization is that it may change the taste and kill some nutritions. Recommendations
• Hold a meeting to discuss the follow-up. Discussing about the compensation for the victims, dealing with the inventory and returning from customers. • Announce a press release and apologize to all. This letter includes the apology to the victims and all people and compensation for the victims. • Hold a meeting to review the produce process. E-Coli exists in juices means that some parts of the produce process are wrong. We need to find a way to keep from E-Coli. Considering pasteurizing or chlorine-based rinsing • Examine all juices after changing the producing process. This is to make sure the new producing process is safety and will not have other harmful materials. • Hold a press conference to all with a new image. This is a way to show our determination for changing. We put customers safety at the first place.

Bulleted list
Strategy memo
• Background of the issue
• Recommendations for compensating this issue
Business letter
• Apology for the victims and customers
• Reasons for the existing E-Coli in the juices
• Follow-up compensation for the victims
• Follow-up for the producing process changing

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