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Importance of Break-even analysis

It is an undisputable fact that every business’ objective is to survive and make profit as compensation of being in existence. Frankly, predicting a precise amount of sales or profits is nearly impossible. No business aims at making losses whatsoever. Given this, a person starting a new business often asks, ‘’ At what level of sales will my company make a profit? ’’ This question clearly predicts the uncertainty of businesses on the level of sales at which profits will be realized. Certainly, break-even analysis is the first resort. Therefore, it becomes absolutely necessary for a business to prioritize break-even analysis when making profit oriented decisions. This leads us to the reasons why businesses should pay attention to break-even analysis….

The Fashion Channel Case Study

Please read and analyze this case on market segmentation and targeting options for a cable television network dedicated to fashion programming. No research into the industry or firm is necessary. Please use only the information provided by the case. Each team should complete Exhibit #4 “Ad Revenue Calculator” and Exhibit #5 “Estimated Financials for 2006 and 2007” and submit a copy of their team’s work at the beginning of class. A spreadsheet is provided to help you with this assignment. Consider the following questions and come to class ready to discuss your ideas and recommendations: 1) How do we learn from the consumer research and market data? Starting in 1996 TFC (the fashion channel) had a great success because of…

Uses of internet in education

Maturing standards and protocols have aided the acceleration of wireless LAN adoption in the past 10 years. Clear regulatory rules and definitions have also provided a healthy environment for the industry to continue to evolve. Depending on where you are in the world, wireless LAN may have slightly different meanings to you based on your local regulatory rules and standards. Let’s first understand who is making these rules and standards for wireless LAN. In this chapter, we will discuss briefly the roles the FCC, ETSI, IEEE, IETF, and Wi-Fi Alliance play in creating standards that allow computers and devices to communicate with one another wirelessly. We will also discuss the use of frequencies and the 802.11 family of protocols that…

Assignment: Fee Setting

The government benefits seminar for children and families was a major success, so Advocates for Children will carry out a similar seminar in a nearby town. The executive director has decided that this second seminar should make the highest possible amount of money. For this reason, they will not offer a reduced fee schedule, and all attendees must pay the entire fee. This seminar will happen in a smaller room than the first one did, which can only leave space for 45 trainees, at most. Here is the seminar’s proposed budget: Proposed Seminar Budget 1. Conference room rental $175.00 $ 175.00 2. Audiovisual equipment Rental $75.00 3. 4 presenters @ $500 $2,000.00 4. 45 workbooks @ $15 $675.00 5. 45…