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First Class Petty Officers Association Essay

Command Recognition of  First Class Petty Officers Association,  Naval Air Facility Atsugi. Sir,      We respectfully request official recognition as an organization of your command.  The association has been operating in an informal capacity since the 1990’s.  There have been previous processes put in place to gain official recognition – due to prior FCPOA  oversight these processes were never completed.

We would now like to move the organization to the next level of effectiveness by gaining official recognition from the command.      The FCPOA has  drafted by-laws and have these approved by COMFAIRWESTPC.   Our membership is already engaged in furthering the leadership of the membership through mentoring, camaraderie, continued demonstration of unit pride, maintaining visibility with the troops and the community, and in all ways continually maintaining the highest traditions of the United States Navy.

The membership of the FCPOA has always and will continue to maintain the professionalism sought  for by this great nation in our front line military leadership that makes up the FCPOA.  Our goals are pride and service with patriotism in; self, shipmates, command, Navy,and Country.  These are our core building blocks and have uphold the highest traditions of the Navy.

The FCPOA will need little or no funding for functions of the association and public recognition is not our objective.  Service to the command and the Naval Service is our primary objective as an association.  To meet this objective we will mentor each other, participate in any activity the command needs us to, build pride and visibility of the command, and prepare ourselves for the next level in our careers.

Thank you for your consideration and support of our association.Submitted Respectfully

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