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Firefighter Employment Scenario Essay

Based on the fact that Doug and Sam earned the first and second highest test scores, is it a reasonable assumption that the city of Davis will add Doug and Sam to the certification list?
Why or why not?
With the top scores on the exam, they should be first in line for certification and an opportunity to interview for the position in question.

Can the City successfully defend itself on the basis of “disparate impact?”
Why or why not?
Doug and Sam had the top scores on the certification exam. This does not automatically make them promotable, they would still have to go through the interview process just like any other candidate. The city could have easily certified additional members of minority groups in addition to Doug and Sam. Since they were the top performers they should be on the list, this could be a case of reverse discrimination.

Under what circumstances may racial discrimination be proved by “disparate impact?” Disparate impact according to the book occurs when an employer discriminates against an entire protected class (Cheeseman, 2013). It would be difficult to prove disparate impact, because the city has the ability to accept multiple applicants and certify more than just two slots.

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