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Fingerprints Essay

My science fair project is called “Are Fingerprints Inherited?” I will try and determine if fingerprint patterns from biological siblings are inherited however, I will also have control so that I can compare the data. I am interested in finding the results of this because of me having an half brother and sister. I will use a table to take fingerprints and next to each fingerprint is a code so I don’t use names on the same page as the actual prints.


My hypothesis is that I think these fingerprint patterns will be inherited. I believe this because I have learned about heredity and genetics in school. Hair color, eye color and skin color all have to do with heredity and genetics. It has interested me if fingerprints are inherited because fingerprints can also be a form of identification. If they are inherited, it could determine what the child’s fingerprints could be.

Method and Procedures

For this science experiment. I used the following, an ink pad, coded forms for fingerprints (biological and non-biological) consent forms that will keep the name and signature separate from the actual prints, folder for organizing purposes, human subjects ( biological and non-biological and all age groups) wipes for cleaning fingers, a magnifying glass , and research information to determine the three fingerprints patterns. I will classify each fingerprint pattern into one of three groups. The whorl, loop, and arch patterns. I will analyze the data carefully and make a percentage for each group. I will the compare the two percentages. Then, I will have my results.


Before I started the experiment, I thought there would be a higher number of the same patterns of biological fingerprints. But my results showed me something different. You can also have error when doing experiments. I could have misread the fingerprints or the fingerprints could have been unable to read clearly. If I restarted the project, I would do things differently. I would have the Mom and Dad fingerprint and compared it to their child fingerprint.


I found the my results for biological and non-biological siblings were the same. Forty-nine percent of biological and non-biological siblings had the same fingerprint patterns. Fifty-one percent of non-biological and biological siblings had different fingerprints patterns. I never would have thought that my results would be the same. I am also surprised that fifty-one percent of biological siblings were different.

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