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Financial Engineering Essay

University of Stratchclyde is amongst one of the top ranking universities in the United Kingdom. The university is located right at the heart of Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest and most cosmopolitan city. The University of Stratchclyde was founded in 1796 when John Anderson, Professor of Natural philosophy at Glasgow University left instructions in his will to establish a university which should be a place for useful learning for everyone. His vision was realized when Anderson’s university opened later in the same year he died.

The university developed rapidly since its inception and by the 1890s, had become a major technological institution with a wide reputation for research and learning. This rapid expansion meant that there was a need of raising more finances for opening up a new building for the university. For this purpose, a fundraising campaign was started by the governors and as a result a, the Glasgow and West of technical college building, now the Royal College Building was opened in George street(strath. ac. uk. ,n. d. ).

The primary focus was on science and engineering, though it also offered some courses in management. The college was known for producing some of the best scientists and engineers of its time. In 1964, the Royal College was granted the Royal Charter and thus became the University of Strathclyde. In 1993, the University of Strathclyde merged with Jordan hill College of Education, which is Scotland’s Premier teacher training college(strath. ac. uk. , n. d).

This new faculty offers teacher training alongside courses such as speech and language pathology, social work, sport and outdoor education. At the time the University received its Royal Charter, it had some 4,000 full-time students and only a single block of buildings fronted by the Royal College. Today University of Strathclyde has become the third largest university in Scotland.

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