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Finagle A Bagels’ upside-down organization chart Essay

1.What does Finagle A Bagel’s upside-down organization chart suggest about the delegation of authority and coordination techniques within the company?

Finagle A Bagels’ upside-down organization chart suggests that the people who are normally on top, support the people who are at the bottom, such as the general managers and workers. This gives general managers the authority to do whatever it takes to alleviate problems in their stores or increase sales.

2.Is Finagle A Bagel a tall or flat organization? How do you know? Finagle A Bagel is a Flat Organization. Flat organizations generally are more responsive to customer demands since decision making power may be given to lower-level employees which is what Finagle a bagel does. Whereas tall organizations have many layers of management which can cause communication to be distorted as if flows from one manager to next before reaching the employee dealing solely with the customer.

3.What values seem to saturate Finagle A Bagel’s corporate culture? The values that seem to permeate Finagles A Bagels’ corporate culture is team work, positive work ethic and strong a support system.

4.Why would Finagle A Bagel build a dough factory that has more capacity than the company needs to supply its stores and its wholesale customers?

A reason why Finagle A bagel would build a dough factory that has more capacity than the company needs would be to account for future business growth. By purchasing a factory that is able to produce more then what they currently need, they are leaving open the option of expansion without having to spend more revenue on another factory to compensate for growth.

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