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Film Pre-Production Essay Essay

When planning a film production a lot of things need consideration, for example money is an important element that will be needed to fund the production of the film, with the crew/cast needing payment for their work. Props need buying and depending on the dialogue of the movie they may be quite expensive along with the equipment needed to record and edit the movie and the setting of where you are going to film whether it be public or private property.

And also such things as accommodation, food and travel costs will need to be paid for, so dividing up the money for a production of a film plays a large role in pre-production along with where the source of the money is coming from, and if the source of the money allocates a budget you will need to get all of these resources within the range of the budget. Before production of the film you need to consider the genre, and what audience the genre of the film will apply to, for example horror movies are generally watched by a younger audience so you may want the storyline to be relatable to them with the cast being younger adults and them living lives younger people might live themselves (studying, party’s etc.).

Also the setting should be considered to apply to the genre for example if the genre is sci-fi you may want the setting at some point to be on a space ship, or be futuristic. The time allocated plays a big role in preproduction, with things like editing after all the filming has taken place needing consideration, so the filming can’t take place right up to the deadline. Also things like time to shoot scenes needs to be planned, along with the availability of the cast throughout the project. Legal requirements are also a part of pre-production with music having to be used that isn’t copyrighted along with all health and safety laws remaining intact, or whoever is put in danger could sue the production company a large sum of money postponing or stopping the production of the film.

Location permissions are also needed to be granted or again the owner of the location may sue if film there is released, and any other rules set by regulatory bodies within the production of a film should also be followed. Material also plays an important role in the planning of a film, with research on the film being needed making sure the story hasn’t been done before and if it has, how you can make your production stand out more individually. Also there will be certain generics of the genre you will want your film to follow so it can be distinguished as that genre which is being aimed at. Music that’s not copyright will need to be found or produced, most likely produced if you want the film to have its own theme song like with many big blockbusters.

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