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Filipino American Essay Topics & Paper Examples

A case study on a male Filipino immigrant

Filipino Americans are now the second largest Asian group in the United State according to the 2,000 census report. Many of their family are intergenerational where parents are surrogated parents for young family. Knowledge of the history of the immigration and the discrimination period are essential to understand the background and the experiences of the Filipino American and is an approach to provide health care to a mental Filipino man who was brought to the clinic. Developing a rational philosophy of life is a major construct. Dryden (1992) noted that the purpose of a rational philosophy is to identify beliefs that lead to survival, satisfaction with living, affirmative ways of linking with a few others, and personality fulfillment events. Ellis,…

Problems met by the students whose parents are overseas filipino workers (ofw’s)

Introduction In a very literal way , a home is the child’s first school. A home as defined by the Webster Dictionary is “ the place where something originated and developed ” Therefore, a home is where a child gains his first exposurte to the skills, values and attitudes which would enable him to succeed. Much of his success and achievement in the school is the attached directly to the kind of experience occurs in a home. A home will never be called a home without its members – the family. Family like home plays an important role to a child’s development. Parents together create a family environment which fosters the development of skills and attitude necessary to achieve in…