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File system Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Database vs File System

My primary concern is availability, integrity, quality and easy accessibility of information resources. A customised file system provides hierarchical storage and organization of files mostly on a single computer and it is usually part of the operating system of the computer the files are stored. File system stores bytes on a computer and the structure is imposed by the creator of the file. For a database system the records can be arrange logically and organized for efficient and easy access. In view of the above reasons I prefer a Database system than a customized file system. Advantages and Disadvantages Transaction support Database systems guaranteed atomic transactions which determine the failure or success of an operation and concurrent access to the…

File Management in Unix

When it comes to UNIX systems all user data is organized and stored in files. These files are subsequently organized into a management structure comprising of directories and sub-directories. Much like forest and organizational units when it comes to active directory, UNIX also has the directories and sub-directories organized into a tree-like structure that it calls a file system. UNIX also has three basic types of files. When it comes to security files can be secured through UNIX file permissions as well as access control lists (ACLs). One of the most important things to keep in mind when giving permissions is to establish file and directory ownership. Traditional UNIX file permissions can assign ownership to three classes of users that…

Quiz Computer Forensic & Investigation

Hanley Strappman, 37, was trying to learn about the Computer and Digital Forensics program at Champlain College. He was able to obtain some files, which he put on a floppy disk. To disguise his espionage, he decided to smuggle the floppy back home after altering the files so that they couldn’t be read using the ordinary DOS/Windows file manager. His deception was discovered, however, and the floppy has been recovered. Some of your counterparts have already tried to examine the disk to no avail. Upon discussions with Hanley, he has boasted that there are three files on the disk but that “You’ll never know what I got!!” You are being provided with a forensically true and accurate copy of Hanley’s…

Enable Windows Active Directory and User Access Controls

This lab provides students with the hands-on skills needed to create a new Active Directory domain in Windows Server 2003 and demonstrates how to configure a centralized authentication and policy definition for access controls. The Active Directory users and workstation plug-ins will be used to create users, groups, and configure role-based access permissions and controls on objects and folders in a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory system. Lab Assessment Questions & Answers 1. What two access controls can be set up for Windows Server 2003 folders and authentication? The two access controls that can be set up for Windows Server 2003 folders and authentication User or Group access to the folder and the ability to modify contents of the folder….

Administering Windows

Why doesn’t the system drive (C:) appear on the Select where you want to save your backup page?You cannot backup on the same partition where the system is, Windows backup tool does not allow this. If a virus infection or software failure occurs you would have to reformat your drive, it would be illogical for this tool to allow you to back up on the system partition. As we already know partitions are separate drives you cannot back up on the same drive it defeats the purpose of backing up. If that drive is erased so is the back up. Why does a warning appear when you select the System Backup (K:) drive, informing you that the K: drive is…