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Fiedler Approach to Situational Analysis Essay

Fiedlers contingency model was created by Fred Fiedler, professor emeritus of management and organisation at the university of Washington in Seattle. Fiedler’s “A theory of Leadership Effectiveness,” paper on this model provide a wealth of material to use when applying the model to a specific context. Fred Edward Fiedler’s contingency theory of leadership effectiveness was bases on studies of a group effectiveness, and concentration on the relationship between and leadership and organisational performance.

According to Fiedler’s, if an organisation attempts to achieve group effectiveness through leadership, assess the situation faced by the leader, and construct a proper match between the two. Fiedler’s contingency model is dynamic model, to understand this Fiedler said to consider these two factors. 1. Leadership style identification Fiedler’s dynamic model suggests organisations a quick method to identify the best leader for a particular group. This theory includes least preferred co-worker scale, eventually which helps management team to identify the human relations orientation and task orientation of possible leaders.

On the other hand, leaders with a relationship orientation can use their interpersonal skills to finish the project in deadline. 2. Leader’s position power Fiedler’s states that the amount of power you have to direct the group, and provide reward punishment. The ability of a leader to control sub- ordinates through rewards and punishment, here Fielders’ identifies power as being either strong or weak. Hence the leaders who have the leader position power are effective, regardless of whether the factors or highly favourable or not, they also tend to act in more assertive manner.

Fiedler claimed that with his leadership style identification it’s easy to identify the appropriate leader for a situation. Three simple steps in Fiedler’s theory identify leadership style, identify your situation, and determine most effective leadership style for the situation. Conclusion: Fiedler’s contingency theory suggests us to think about our natural leadership style, which will help the particular situation. As with model and its theory, we should use our best judgement when applying the Fiedler Contingency to our situation.

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