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Fiduciary Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Manfold Toy

Question 1 – Do you see the selection of Directors at Manfold Toy’s as entirely suitable to an ethical standing? Why? Many relevant corporate governance issues arise regarding the composition of Manfold Toy’s board of directors. With respect to the main purpose of a board of directors, we need to reflect on whether the elected directors were the best possible representatives of stockholders interests. Additionally, we should analyze to what extent were the elected directors eager to accomplish their responsibilities/duties. To begin the analysis, we should study the process of director’s election to the Company’s board. Taking into account that 68% of Manfold Toy stake belonged to Joseph Wan, founder and chairman of the company, he held enough majority to…

Memorial Hospital Case Study

Background and Facts The cost per patient day was next to the lowest of the seven in area hospitals. However, the average occupancy had fallen to mid 60’s in the past 18 months; causing a lay off of 134 people, two specialized nursing units, and low morale from trustees. Chief Executive Charlie Jones realizes that these were unfortunate events but has always been backed by the board in his decision-making. Charlie did acknowledge that identifying problems and resolving them in a timely manner with the board has been a long-term issue for him. He states that there was an obvious disconnect between the physicians/medical staff and the board members. The major problem began when three radiologists purchased a 2-acre site…

Learning Team Reflection

With the advancement of technology and the rise in Internet usage amongst individual companies, businesses, and organizations, they are faced with new challenges in protecting their brand, trademark, and image from competitors (Clark, 2007). This has caused many businesses to take action in the protection of intellection property rights or IPR. For the week three assignment, the members of team A choose to discuss the case in which Premier Technologies wins intellectual property lawsuit. This paper would highlight details of the case. Doug Sayer, the owner of Premier Technologies, claimed that two of his former employees stole private information for trade secret infringement and future sabotage. The former men were members of top management at Premier Technologies. Orr and Schutte,…