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Fiction Vs. Non-Fiction Essay

Literary form of writing is held to be exemplary because it is noticed due to its imaginary nature while others less straightforward forms try to cover their fictionality. The logic here is antirealist, skeptical and pragmatist. A complex case for this line of consideration might run as follows.

At first a more or less common stand is set up starting with uncomplicated design of fiction, in both its description and object senses. According to this suggestion a patent divide subsists between imaginative literature, when defined in expressions of fiction creation and other conversations whose intention is not creation but description. Imaginative literature builds imaginary worlds which, although no doubt drawn from features of the existent world, are nonetheless explicitly constructs of the brain.

The non-fiction, more ‘serious’ literature is not concerned with imaginary units but with the actual thing. They are evaluated not in terms of imagination but in terms of reality or association with the reality. Fiction versus fact becomes the crucial characteristic that marks off imaginative literature (Lamarque & Olsen 172).

Despite there being multiple literary ‘genres’ it appears a bit odd that writing is essentially separated into just two large categories: non-fiction and fiction. Contemporary writers sometimes get a bit of information from each of these groups and form “historical science fiction” or “historical fiction” (Heller, 123).

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