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Fiat Essay Topics & Paper Examples

‘Management At Work

1. According to a major economics consulting firm, Fiat’s “South American operations are the jewel in the Italian company’s global operations.”* Fiat has plants in Brazil and Argentina, and Brazil is its biggest market, well ahead of its home-country market. In 2011, with the Chrysler venture taking up more and more of the firm’s attention—and as European sales suffered a steep decline rumors began to circulate that Marchionne might move Fiat headquarters from Italy to the United States. Discuss Fiat’s takeover of Chrysler as part of a strategy to transform itself from an international business into a multinational or global business. 2. What benefts does Fiat hope to gain from its arrange- ment with Chrysler? What potential drawbacks does it…

Ceo Fiat & Chrysler Analysis

Sergio Marchionne is well known for taking over struggling car companies and turning them around. His most recent endeavor was becoming the CEO of Fiat and Chrysler. His business idol, Steve Jobs, who much like himself, took a struggling computer company and turned it into a company that continues to change the way we live and communicate today. It is no surprise that Sergio’s idol is a transformational leader who had similar goals and charisma. Micromanagement One of Sergio’s early efforts was to transform the company from one that made large gas guzzling vehicles to one that made more energy efficient ones. He wanted to work closely with the engineers and managers that made the operational decisions and organizational design…