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Female Education Essay

Education is one of the basic human rights. Every human being has the right to be enlightened by the light of knowledge. But like other issues of our society, a gender inequality exists in receiving education which is enacted to the females. This unwanted practice is continuing still in our society and hinders the progress of our nation. In our country, because of some old superstitions and customs, girls are deprived from many facilities which are cashed in on by males. Education is one of those. The parents think not to invest money to their female children rather than to the males. And that’s why; women of our country still can’t lead a solvent, secured, independent life. A woman without any education can’t use her skills and brain in a proper way.

Because of educational ignorance, she can’t differentiate the right and wrong and take any decision correctly. She can’t use the chances to uplift her condition. She can’t nurse her family and children properly. In total, an uneducated woman leads a disorganized life. These awful facts affect the society decisively. Almost half of the population remains inoperative, unskilled, and slapdash. It lags behind the whole nation economically, academically, commercially which will suffer the future generation. If the women-folk is educated, they can utilize their skill, knowledge and work hand in hand with men in all programs of development. They can be self-employed and be a source of man power by which they can support their family financially.

They can analysis any situation and take the right decision and influence her family and society in the key areas through their useful thoughts. They will be conscious about early marriage, family planning, maternal mortality rate, child mortality etc. Besides, if a woman is educated, she can take care of her children perfectly. A mother exercises an undeniable influence in the formation of children’s character and shaping their future destination. Once Napoleon said, “Give me an educated mother, I will give you an educated nation.”

So, the importance of female education is beyond of words. So, if we want to live in a self-sufficient country, the females must be educated. The society must break its ancient prejudices and be open minded. The government has already taken a few steps: giving scholarships, education without fees and others to create awareness among people over this matter. If this exertion flourishes, then we may hope for an advanced, sophisticated, developed country.

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