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FedEx Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Federal Express’s value creation frontier

1. Analyze Federal Express’s value creation frontier, and determine which of the four building blocks of competitive advantage the company needs in order to continue to maintain above-average profitability. Provide a rationale to support the response. According to study of Hill and Jones (2013), value creation frontier refers to the maximum amount of value that the products of different companies within an industry can provide to customers at any one time using the different business models. To reach the value creation frontier, the company must pursue one or more of the four building blocks of competitive advantage, which are innovation, quality, customer responsiveness and efficiency. The concept provide four basic ways to lower cost and achieve differentiation. Federal Express or…

Business Model Canvas of United States Postal Service

USPS caters the mail and package delivery services to a mass of different customers. It has different variety of services depending on what the customer wants. So customer segments are divided according to the type of services the USPS provides. 1. Individual citizens: The USPS has the first class mail and standard mail that the citizens can use to use to send personal cards, letters, bill payments, etc. Basically anything that is less than 13 ounces can be sent through first class, and is delivered within 2 to 3 days in the contiguous states. First class mail is sealed and protected, while standard mailed is not (standard mail may also receive deferred handling but it is more cost effective for…

Calculator API

4Price Calculator API Updates 4.1RateV3 Response 4.1.1Modified CLASSID and MailService response values Appendix A 4.2RateV4 Request 4.2.1New enumerations: “Priority Express”, “Priority Express Commercial”, “Priority Express CPP”, “Priority Express SH”, “Priority Express SH Commercial”, “Priority Express HFP”, “Priority Express HFP Commercial”, “Priority Express HFP CPP” 4.2.2 added to allow for specification of the expected time when providing the package to USPS location: Between and tag, optional value HH:MM 4.3RateV4 Response 4.3.1Modified CLASSID and MailService response values Appendix A 4.3.2 returns availability of extra service for CPP pricing when a CPP service has been requested, e.g. Priority CPP 4.3.3 returns the extra service commercial plus price when a CPP service has been requested, e.g. Priority CPP 4.3.4…