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Federalist Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Federalist Papers

Perhaps one of the most critical and complex issues which faced the framers of the United States constitution was that of how to limit the government and associated governmental beuracacy while ensuring that the Federal government retained enough power and authority to interpret and enforce the constitution itself. As Madison remarks in the opening lines of his now-famous “Federalist #51”, there can be no more urgent an issue, nor one which so directly confronts both the self-interested nature of the individual, but the self-interested nature of government itself: “TO WHAT expedient, then, shall we finally resort, for maintaining in practice the necessary partition of power among the several departments, as laid down in the Constitution? ” (Madison, 1788). The “partition…

The Federalist Papers, James Madison

In the Federalist Papers, James Madison and others outline their logic both in favor of and against ratification of the Constitution.  One of the largest parts of these arguments was the discussion of separation of powers and functions.  James Madison outlined one problem inherent in having a multi-branched government—namely the idea of encroachment. He viewed this as a problem with several sources and proposed several solutions.  The Constitution redresses the problem of encroachment in several ways.  He also feels that in the views of today, we must evaluate if Madison was correct in perceiving encroachment as a problem.  We must also evaluate if Madison’s source was correct.  Madison also felt that the new Constitution did not violate a basic political…

The Federalist Papers, John Jay

John Jay remarks in Federalist Number 3 that “[t]he safety of the people doubtless has relation to a great variety of circumstances and considerations, and consequently affords great latitude to those who wish to define it precisely and comprehensively  (Jay, 1787).”  By this he means that the new government has the ability to define and defend the people against all threats.  Jay also discusses wars.  He says that “[t]he number of wars which have happened or will happen in the world will always be found to be n proportion to the number and weight of the causes, whether real or pretend (Jay, 1787).” His solution against the threat of war from foreign powers is to have a United America versus…