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Feasibility Study Essay

1. Is the event good idea? – Yes. It is because this event is the balancing of all aspect, which is world and afterlife knowledge.

2. Do we have skills required to plan and run the event? – Yes. It is because we are students of event management and we gain as much as possible experiences from previous events as a committee, volunteer and participant.

3. Who are your stakeholder? – our stakeholder is host community, host organization, volunteers, audience/participant, media, and contractor.

4. Do the host community supportive? – Insyaallah. We will try to make our host community supportive towards our event and we will make the best we can to attract them.

5. Will it attract media support? – Insyaallah we will try to attract media support such as Al-Hijrah, Oasis, Ikim fm, and Solusi magazine as this is one of the event that we collaborate with CiTU and this is the first islamic event that are quite big organize by UiTM Event Management students.

6. What are the risks? – The risks might be the participants back off from the being the participants for this event. There is also might be an accident occurs before arrive at the registration place.

7. Is financial viable? – Insyaallah our financial is viable because this event is the event that collaborates with CiTU and we will try our best to find the sponsors for our event. We also collecting money from our members rm100 per semester starting from semester two until five.

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