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Fayol Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Characteristic of management

With the progress of history, the definition, content, method and characteristic of management is in constant development. The history of management theory and idea is evolving. Between the twentieth century and twenty first century, the environment of management has been changed from stable and predictable to unending changeable. According to Kiechel’s (2012) theory, with the definite law, principle and regulation, management belong to a real science system. In this essay, two topics will be discussed. The first one is management theories and ideas have changed over time with two factors which are the transformation of labor were treated from machine to human and the connection between organization and external environment. The second one is the three most important differences between…


Module I Nature and scope of Management; evolution of management- Schools of management thought; F.W.Taylor and Henry Fayol; principles of management; management as a science and an art; management process. Folk management and its application in the modern era Evolution of management thought. Module II Functions of management- planning: planning premises; types of plan; planning process; Organization – Theories, types, importance, organization structure- Line and Staff functions – Conflicts; centralization and decentralization; delegation; types, principles, elements, Coordination, Directing – Supervision, Communication. Module III Directing – motivation, leadership – Theories; importance – Controlling principles – Dynamics of Groups at work, work group behavoiur and productivity; work and motivation Manager vs. leader; leadership and motivation; leadership styles; theories of motivation. MBO: –…