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Fatty Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Pro’s and Con’s to Exploitation of Natural Resources

The planet Earth could be defined as one small piece to an extremely large puzzle within our Galaxy. With out, the Galaxy would not function in the same way as it does now. Inside our planet are several different resources that are used every day. Whether this is direct use such as drilling for oil, or indirect use such as over grazing our land to feed the animals that will in turn feed humans, the point is the Earth is feeling the effects of it. Some argue that we will never run out of resources, at least not in our lifetime; others believe that we are overusing resources and through this we are minimizing our chances of survival in the…

Anti Head Lice

Abstract. The present study focused on the separation and identification of the active compounds against head lice from the hexane extract of Annona squamosa L seed. Chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques revealed that two major compounds of the hexane seed extract were oleic acid and triglyceride with one oleate ester. The yields of these compounds were 13.25% and 7.74% dry weight, respectively. The compounds were tested in vitro against head lice, comparing to the crude hexane extract of the seed. The triglyceride with one oleate ester and the crude hexane extract diluted with coconut oil 1:1. These compounds were found to kill all tested head lice in 49, 11 and 30 minutes, respectively. The triglyceride ester can be used as a…