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Fatigue Essay

This is a summary of Jane Brody’s article, “Fatigue”. Fatigue is one of peoples most common complaints. Even though there is new technology that saves people from doing everything by hand people still complain about being tired. Brody stated that physicians reported people who tend to keep themselves busy with work tend to not be as fatigued. Tiredness mainly comes from not doing much rather than wearing yourself down. Overall, there are diverse reasons for people being tired.

Being physically active seems to be the cure for fatigue. There are three kinds of fatigue. One is physical fatigue the second type is pathological fatigue and the third is psychological fatigue. These all have causes and cures for fatigue. Physical fatigue is caused by over working one’s body. Another cause can be carbon dioxide and lactic acid that collects in the body which weakens the muscles. This prevents them from functioning effectively.

Physicians recommend that rest is way to cure physical fatigue. Another type of fatigue is pathological fatigue. Pathological fatigue is a warning sign of a cold or disease such as cancer. After being ill or over worked one must give their body time to fully recover. A physical check-up is highly recommended to check if something is wrong with one self. Many times the cause for fatigue can be undetected or over looked. The third type of fatigue is psychological fatigue.

Emotional problems like depression and anxiety are the cause of prolonged fatigue. Prolonged fatigue can cause ones denial of depression and the cause of it. Mainly when feelings aren’t expressed openly, the outcome is normally fatigue. One common fatigue syndrome is the “Tired Housewife Syndrome” in which young mothers stay home all day and have nothing to look forward to. The mothers soon develop resentment and envy towards their husband. The cure for this fatigue is professional counseling.

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