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Fascist Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Fascist Government

Fascist government is better compared to a communism government in that it seeks the reality of the society on strength and weaknesses of nations.  Historically, fascist governments opposed the class conflicts and emphasized that they would forever exist. Though fascists have been used pejoratively in the present setting, it is clear that communism was worse in history as it advocated for classless and stateless society that declared allegiance to the Marxism-Leninism a notion that was impossible to apply.  It is no doubt that communism orientation of social organization where totalitarians dominated and above all, the self perpetuating political party system was the major cause for excessive anarchy like that experienced under the soviet rule. Overview This paper explores fascist government…

Fascists perceived nation

Fascists perceived nation as an organic society whose working will be assured through inclusion of strong leadership which will organize and wage war against other territories so as to ensure a strong nation. As opposed to Marxist ideologies of a stateless society, Fascism favored establishment of strong state lead by an autocrat whose power and decisions should not be questioned. It encouraged singular communal identity. This ideology asserted that individualism should not exist as a culture of the country. Instead, a culture encouraging collective nationwide society and state should be encouraged. It is from such a culture, individuals should derive their identity. The ideology also encouraged totalitarian state whose political system comprise of one party. As dictatorship ideology, opposition and…