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Farmers Alliance Essay

Populism is a political principle that supports the interests and rights of the ordinary people in the society as they struggle against the elites who are privileged. Populism is a movement that started in America in the year 1891. It started by the establishment of the Populist Party which aimed at improving the conditions of the laborers and the farmers. The farmers were being charged an interest rate that was very high and the products sold to them were at exaggerated prices (Taggart, 87).

To improve their economic situation the farmers formed a Farmers Alliance that ensured that the economy of the market was well understood. The Farmers Alliance also merged with the Knights of Labor so that their products could be bought at better prices (Taggart 101-2). They also supported the Populist Party because it was also fighting for their rights. The populist worked towards offsetting the economic depression, preventing poverty among the people who involve in farming activities and also those families that are in the working class.

The other thing that they addressed was the issue of curtailing corporate abuses, the issue of slavery and even child labor. The populist served by acting as a representative of the republicans and so when the democrats won, the populist split as some wanted to follow the democrats and others to realize themselves and thus they did not have enough power to address their agendas.

The populist movement was not able to implement their ideas (Ibid 113). Populist was also perceived as a as trade off with efficiency. Their ideas were however implemented later. Populism has been excised by politicians and we need to ask ourselves what the limits to populism are, because the politicians never seem to stop. WORK CITED Taggart, Paul. Populism. London. Open University Press. 2000. Pp 23-119

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