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Families and School Programs Essay

The article discusses how important it is that families, especially parents, get involved in school programs concerning the welfare of their kids. The learning process of these children does not stop in schools. Parents also play a major part with regard to their children’s academic life. Those who make sure that their children go to school and show interest in their child’s performance send the message to their children that education is important (Struck, 1995, p. 1).

The Families and Schools Together (FAST) is a program that participates in facing the social issues of youth violence and juvenile delinquency by way of creating a better relationship between the young people and their families, friends, teachers, and school staff. Through this program, the youth will be able to increase their social skills, avoid or decrease school failure, and become more aware of the effects of alcohol and drug abuse. Families who are believed to be in need of help are invited to meetings.

The program offers a variety of activities including building a family flag, sharing a family meal, singing, playing communication games or feelings-identification games, engaging in peer activities, and parent networking. A better family life and relationship is recommended for young adults and teenagers so that they are able to express their thoughts and feelings more freely. This is the reason why schools should make parents and families participate more.

When a child knows that there are people who support him or her, the child would be more confident in what he or she is doing. As well, proper education regarding substance abuse and other illegal acts is recommended for them to become aware at a certain age. With schools and parents working together for the future of the young people, nothing can go wrong. Reference Struck, D. (1995). Involving Parents in Education: A Handbook for Elementary Schools. Frederick, MD: Aspen Publishers, Inc.

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