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Fact File on the Spartacist Essay

The spartocist uprising was also known as the January uprising, it was a general strike in Germany from 5 January to 15 January, in 1919. The aim of the spartocist was outlined in their manifesto. ‘The Spartocist manifesto 1918 The question today is not democracy of dictorship. The question that history has put on the agenda reads: bourgeois democracy or socialist democracy. For the dictatorship of the proletariat does not mean bombs, putsches (pushes), riots and anarchy, as the against of the capitalist profits deliberately and falsely claim.

Rather, it means using all the instruments of political power to achieve socialism, to expropriate the capitalist class, through and in accordance with the will of the revolutionary majority of the proletariat’. This is referenced from: www. schoolhistory. org. uk/As level_ History/spartacistuprising. htm This shows that the communist do not wish to start was but want to help the community and its people. They want to make right and equality. The do not wish to harm their country as they’re the people living in Germany.

The uprising began after January 4 after the discharge of Berlin Chief of police, who was also the member of Independent Social Democratic Party (USPD) by the “Council of the people’s deputies”. He had, then, refused to take up action against striking workers on Christmas Eve on December 24. In every sense, it was futile at that moment, to gesture against the government. Elbert Friedrich withdrew his government to the safety of Weimer and allowed the police and what remained of the regular army to bring peace and stability to Berlin, once again.

There was no mercy shown to the spartocist/communist whose leaders were murdered after their arrest. The majority of the spartocist were civilian. No-one doubted who would win. Around 100 civilians, 17 police cop soldiers died during the fight. Liebknecht and Luxemburg were captured and killed by the police-with their death, the party fell into a temporary disorganisation and untidiness through the communist party gained strength in 1920’s under the leadership of Thurman. By 1928, the spartocist/communist had grown into a minority political party.

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