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Exxon Mobil Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Corporate Social Responsibility

1.0 Executive Summary Many multi-national corporations consider their operations as a benefit for the consumer and general society and hold responsibility to human right and the environment.  The corporate social responsibility gives organization an opportunity to continually provide the best, maintaining the best.  This is achieved as a result of reduction of the negative publicity risk, stakeholders’ activism, and consumer boycotts, which reduce the organization profit – critics consider Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a voluntary initiative which targets at increase corporate profits and market share through public relation strategy. (Botan & Vincent 2006, pp.249), (Werther & Chandler 2006) The principles of Corporate Social Responsibility have helped many organizations to improve environmental and social performance, because of its moral obligation…

History of Exxon Mobil

Founded by John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937) in 1870, The Exxon Corporation developed from another oil company giant, which is Standard Oil Company. Reported monopoly of Standard oil over the oil industry in the early twentieth century proceeded to succession of criticism from politicians and even journalists. However, Exxon still remains the third largest company in the United States and reportedly to be the seventh largest in the world. (Fortune, April 28, 1997). It was Rockefeller anticipated a big potential of refining Pennsylvania crude oil. However internal combustion engines were not yet fully developed a substitute can be used which is kerosene to fuel lanterns. When Standard Oil was formed, it integrated all of the docks, railroad cars, warehouses, lumber resources,…