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Extra Curricular Activities Essay

I was born on 26 March,1992.and now I’m 21 years old boy. However I’m a student of Weeraketiya Rajapaksha central college. I was a senior prefect at there.

I did my O/Ls in English medium and while doing my O/Ls I had a chance to do lots of extra curricular activities just like singing,acting in dramas,writing story books and I’m a member of media unit.

And I did my A/Ls in mathematics stream. I’m the youngest in the family,and I have a brother and a sister.My brother is a NDT student of Moratuwa university and my sister is a banking assistant. My father is a retired postmaster and my mother is a housewife,they had done lot for us to achieve our targets.

My hometown is Tangalle but my native place is Hambantota.My house located near coastal area. I’m extremely interested in music,and my some of hobbies are reading,cycling,watching movies,playing computer games,searching for paranormal incidents.

When I’m schooling my favorite subject was history,because I knew lots of things about history. In earlier,my destiny was to see srilanka without terrorism. But how powerful is my dream, it succeed very fastly. But my second dream is still pending,I would like to see spiritually, physically,environment friendly developed srilanka one day.It’s my second destiny,I’m sure it will be succeed soon. When I’m telling about me, I am an interesting, fun loving guy with a good sense of humor. One thing about me that is important to know though is that at first I come of as a very shy individualistic guy but once I get to know people and are comfortable with my environment I am great. It is hard for me to make friends but once I make them, it’s great and I am all different.

I joke, laugh and humor people and I also get as much as I give.

I have a tough shell but on the inside I am soft. I am also a very principled person and stand strong on what is right and wrong. Academically I am a student who likes to be mentally challenged and I enjoy both hands on projects as well as conventional learning. And I hope to be a entrepreneur and develop my motherland as we should do.I’ll be a real citizen in srilanka as I’m thinking. That’s all.

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