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Exponentiation Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Alvaro Hurtado

A function is a relation in which each element of the domain is paired with exactly one element in the range. Two types of functions are the exponential functions and the logarithmic functions. Exponential functions are the functions in the form of y = ax, where ”a” is a positive real number, greater than zero and not equal to one. Logarithmic functions are the inverse of exponential functions, y = loga x, where ”a” is greater to zero and not equal to one. These functions have certain differences as well as similarities between them. Also they are very useful for various situations in life. Logarithmic functions are fairly different from the exponential functions. The first difference that we can find…

My first day of College

a) This course is a study of elementary algebra, which will include the set of real numbers, linear sentences, linear functions and their graphs, and operations and factoring with polynomials. b) MATH 0989 is a first semester developmental course which will prepare the student for MATH 1111 and its co-requisite course MATH 0999. c) To do well in the course, one must practice many problems outside of class, ask questions in class until there is a complete understanding of each concept, and prepare for tests by reviewing problems worked in class. d) A notebook needs to maintained and brought to class each day. All of the MyMathLab assignments need to labeled with the section and work placed in your notebook….

The capsize screening value

This week I’m asked to solve the following word problem in relation to a real world radical formula. Problem 103 on pages 605-606 states: To be considered safe for ocean sailing, the capsize screening value C should be less than 2 ( For a boat with a beam (or width) b in feet and displacement d in pounds, C is determined by the function: C=〖4d〗^(-1/3) b. Find the capsize screening value for the Tartan 4100, which has a displacement of 23,245 pounds and a beam of 13.5 feet. Solve this formula for d? The accompanying graph shows C in terms of d for the Tartan 4100 (b=13.5). For what displacement is the Tartan 4100 safe for ocean sailing? (Dugopolski, 2012)….

Real World Radical Formulas

Introduction In this paper I will be discussing on radical formulas and how to solve for the formula that is given as C = 4d^-1/3b where d is the displacement in pounds and b is the beam width in feet. The exponent of -1/3 means that the cube root of d will be taken and then the reciprocal of the number will be used in the multiplication. These rules include accurately finding the cube and square root for numbers and understanding the application of the solution in sailboat stability (Example, 2013). Sailboat Stability In this paper we will need to solve problem #103 on page 605 Sailboat Stability (Dugopolski, 2012). In order to consider safe for ocean sailing the capsize…