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Explorative essays Essay

In the essay, the writer clearly defines his position or attitude to the subject. He shows admiration and appreciation for the Dr. Tao. In addition to that, he vividly and intelligently strives to answer the questions that linger in the minds of the readers of the essay (Shields, 2010). Details of why the lecture room was full at the beginning of the essay are answered to the content of the reader. Other crucial information about Dr. Tao is answered in the course of reading.

Ranging from the educational background of Dr.Tao his family, achievements and his future projects are outlined professionally (Roen, Glau, & Maid, 2008). In addition, the essay focuses on a question that develops the entire essay. The overwhelming turnout in the lecture followed by the request from the students for autographs from Dr. Tao forms the basis of the exploration. This creates questions in that connection. Why do the students suddenly decide to attend the lecture? Why do the students request for autograph signatures from the lecturer?

Who is the lecturer? What impact did he make that interested the students? Developed backwards the writer quenches the queries of the readers. An elaborate example is his reference to the solving of the problems on prime numbers (Roen, Glau, & Maid, 2008). Moreover, the writer had anticipation of further questions about the subject. For that6 reason, he gives the background of the subject to understand the scenario at the beginning of the essay and goes further to give the information available about him.

From the awards, the participations of Dr. Tao and the future that is expected from him. The writer explores the subject in diverse perspective the leaves the reader only wanting more (Roen, Glau, & Maid, 2008). REFERENCES Shields, M. (2010). Essay Writing: A Student’s Guide. London: SAGE Publications Ltd. Roen, D. , Glau, G. R & Maid, B. M. (2008). The Brief McGraw-Hill Guide, Writing for College, Writing for Life. New York, NY. McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

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