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The importance of a child centred approach Essay

Essential to safeguarding and encouraging the welfare of a child or young person is having a child’s centred approach. This could include seeing and keeping a child focused through difficulties they could be experiencing. Listening and ascertaining a child’s wishes and feelings will be important for the child, especially if they have formed a strong bond with the professional they are opening up to. It will also be imperative to a child if that professional close to them understands their daily lives and what they might be experiencing, no matter how hard it could be for the adult to hear. Crucially the child or young person will know there are people out there to help and support them when they need advice or guidance.

Effective communication is important in the work setting as it ensures the information you are giving is correct and informative, this means there will be no possibility of mistakes being made. Nothing could be done consistently without the use of effective communication. To communicate effectively you need to make sure the right message is being sent to whom you are communicating with. The individual needs to understand the message you are putting across to be able to build relationships. These relationships will gain trust from the children, parents and colleagues. This will also develop your place in the work setting. As a child care worker I could not do my job properly without communicating with the children, their parents or my work colleagues. The needs of the child have to be met by using effective communication whether this is through speech or non-verbal communication e.g. body language or behaviour.

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