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Explain how duty of care contributes to the safeguarding or protection of individuals Essay

Duty of care plays a big part in the way policies are carried out in a setting. For example, when a case requires the knowledge of safeguarding, the practitioner should know the crest procedures to take with regards to the needs of the child. This applies to all policies or procedures that need to take action.

● Risk Assessments – carrying out and reviewing risk assessments for all of the activities we do. This way I ensure risks concerning equipment, venues and activities are minimised and therefore reducing the risk of injury or harm to the children and myself. Recognising potential hazards and eliminating them, this could include infectious diseases, or illnesses spreading throughout the setting.

● Policies and Procedures – having clear rules and boundaries ensures that both adults and children (who are able to understand) know how to conduct themselves within the setting, by this I mean not behaving in ways that could cause distress or harm to others within the setting.

● Conforming to Legislation – by adhering to laws such as health and safety and safeguarding, I am working within the law which is there to protect children and those who work with children.

● Understanding signs of neglect/abuse – as a child care professional, I have a duty of care to all children that should I notice any signs/indicators of abuse or neglect that I report it the relevant third parties to protect the child. It is important that I understand and that I am able to recognise these signs/indicators.

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