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Expert system in motorcycle engine troubleshooting Essay

People in different cities and provinces in the country, two-wheeled motor transport became useful for people going to work and in the business. People choose motorcycle than the four-wheeled transport for the following reasons: price, fuel efficient and easy maintenance service. It is fuel efficient for the reason that it consumes less fuel than a four-wheel vehicle. The price of motorcycle is cheaper and easier to maintain due to it’s accessibility of replacing brand new spare parts. No wonder why people in lower class can afford to have one motorcycle nowadays.

The Land Transportation Office or (LTO) comparative report in the year 2010-2012 that motorcycle registration in 2010 has 681,196 in the entire region and in the year 2012 motorcycle registration with 820,817 1.2 Statement of the Problem

The following problems included in this study.
a.Riders may not know how to diagnose the problem when a motorcycle breakdown happens. In most cases, riders may seek nearest shop to repair it. b.The idea of mechanics are not the
1.3 General Objective
The objective of this research is to develop an expert system for Android phones that will be used to diagnose motorcycle problems step by step. 1.3.1 Specific

The specific objectives of the study are the following:
a.To capture the expertise of a motorcycle mechanic in diagnosing motorcycle breakdowns, breakdowns are engine won’t start or hard to start, engine lower end and exhaust problems, carburetor problems, electrical problems, and other related problems. b.To capture the expertise of a motorcycle mechanic in pinpointing the most likely cause of problem in motorcycle engine. c.To analyze the symptoms related to problem based from the knowledge acquired with the domain expert and other sources as e-books, manuals and the web. d.To test and fine tune the encoded knowledge of the expert system.

1.4 Scope and Limitation
The following defines the scope and limitation of the research: 1.4.1 Scope of the Research
a.The expert system based on the knowledge of a motorcycle mechanic in troubleshooting of a motorcycle engine using E2GDroid expert system shell. 1.4.2 Limitation of the Research
a.Only the following four-stroke engines with 110CC and above were included in the system. b.Two-stroke engines including with cooling system are not included in the system. 1.5 Significance of the Research

The developed expert system will benefited for the motorcycle riders in diagnosing the problems of their own motorcycle engine. The developed expert system aims to help riders to repair their own motorcycle engine in the without the engine mechanic. The features includes mobility, and it is mobile based, does not require a laptop/netbook. Being portable, it can be used anytime and anywhere.

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