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Expert Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Rules-based and principles-based accounting standards

(A) Rules-based accounting standard Rule-based systems are fairly simplistic, consisting of little more than a set of if-then statements, but provide the basis for so-called “expert systems” which are widely used in many fields. The concept of an expert system is this: the knowledge of an expert is encoded into the rule set. When exposed to the same data, the expert system AI will perform in a similar manner to the expert. Rule-based systems are a relatively simple model that can be adapted to any number of problems, rule-based systems are really only feasible for problems for which any and all knowledge in the problem area can be written in the form of if-then rules and for which this problem…

Expert system in motorcycle engine troubleshooting

People in different cities and provinces in the country, two-wheeled motor transport became useful for people going to work and in the business. People choose motorcycle than the four-wheeled transport for the following reasons: price, fuel efficient and easy maintenance service. It is fuel efficient for the reason that it consumes less fuel than a four-wheel vehicle. The price of motorcycle is cheaper and easier to maintain due to it’s accessibility of replacing brand new spare parts. No wonder why people in lower class can afford to have one motorcycle nowadays. The Land Transportation Office or (LTO) comparative report in the year 2010-2012 that motorcycle registration in 2010 has 681,196 in the entire region and in the year 2012 motorcycle…