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Expectancy Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Motivation in different cultures

There has been general upsurge in cultures and managerial research in the last decade or so. Despite this fact, empirical studies on culture dimensions to management practices across cultures have been limited in numbers and scope. In few countries, very limited knowledge about its cultural values and the consequences it poses for motivation is known. A major question is whether the drawback of universal theories could explain for the disappointing economic development of various countries. A few reports suggest that there is difference in application of motivational theories in different parts of the world. In view of these differences, untrimmed Western management models may not be very appropriate for adoption all over the world, in general without recourse to the…

Porter Five Forces Starbucks

Starbucks, a cofee stores chain, serving million of coffee lovers worldwide every week, highlights ‘humanistic approach in doing business, value system of the company’ for its huge success. The company featuring ‘one of the best 100 companies to work for’ in Fortune Magazine several times speaks on its own about the satisfaction of the employees contributing towards its all time success. Providing a great work environment and treating every employee equally with self respect and dignity will take care of employee motivation according to Friedrick Herzberg’s Two factor theory, a content theory of Motivation, where ‘Hygiene’ and ‘Motivator’ factors are kept intact for employee to work and focus upon. By creating a culture of challenging employees to do their best,…

Individual Case Analysis 5: Isnt’ Fair

1. Indicate Mary’s attitude before and after meeting Sue. If there was a change, why? Before Mary met Sue, she held the company in high esteem and was actually proud of working for Universal Manufacturers. The company’s organizational culture was conducive for her, and staff assisted her whenever she was in need of help. In addition to this, her input to the company was being appreciated and she was given challenging assignments which presented practical experience to her. Her manager, Tom had positive thoughts of her and she passed her annual review. Her salary was increased by 10% from $40,000, whereas most employees had an increase of 5%. However, after Mary met Sue, her attitude towards the company changed. Sue…