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Existing relationship between attitudes and motivations of high achieving students to their academic success in science at captain albert aguilar national high school Essay

This study primarily identified the different attitudes and motivations of high achieving students of Captain Albert Aguilar National High School. Specifically, this research identified (1) the significance of attitudes and motivations to students specially those have high level of achievement to their academic success in science and the importance f the study to the school, teachers and students, (2) the percentage of the students that have high interest towards science and those have low interest to learn science, (3) the relationship between the attitudes and motivations of high achieving students to their academic success in science while engage in a public high school. To execute this, the researchers applied Descriptive Research which falls under the category of a Non-experimental design.

A total of 44 respondents were chosen with the use of Purposive Sampling as guided by the qualifications set. Self-Recording/Reporting Approach was used to collect the data with the utilization of a questionnaire. To describe and summarized the data, Inferential Statistics was used. The weighed mean was computed to utilize for the Pearson Product-Moment correlation to examine the relationship between the attitudes and motivations of high achieving students and their academic success in science.

1) Is there an existing relationship between student’s attitudes and academic success? By using the Pearson product moment correlation, the researchers found out that there’s an existing significant relationship between the 2 variables. It has a high correlation shows that student’s attitudes greatly affect the academically status of the student. (Respondents don’t find science as an interesting subject, that’s why their academic success can have an average grade of 85-88) 2) Is there an existing relationship between student’s motivation and their academic success in science?

An average or marked relationship had identified the 2 variables in this research. It has a moderate correlation that shows students are motivated enough and v have a good academic success. 3) What are the significances of the researchers study?The significant of the researchers study is to widen student’s intelligence quotient with the cooperation of the community, school, and teaching profession and to measure the thinking ability of a high school students that stands as a basic building blocks of success without successfully passing individual exams.

The researcher, conclude that there is an existing relationship between student’s attitudes & motivations to their academic success in science. There are also factors that can affect academic performance. These factors might be an advantage or disadvantage and might be classified as learning environment, school facilities, teacher’s teaching method & the attitude and motivation of the student toward the subject as well. Based on the study, the student’s don’t find science as an interesting subject but they can be motivated. Thus, the hypothesis is rejected since it was ascertained in the study that there is a significant relationship between student’s attitude and their academic success.

It is therefore recommended that even if the school facilities are perceived as adequately available and accessible for use, they should improve further for maximumutilization and more effective science instruction. Furthermore, the student’s should be given hands-on experiencesin the subject and may enhance their understanding on the subject.The school should be design a teacher development program that would maximize the teacher’s capabilities and enhance their effectiveness in teaching subject which may focus on the content of the subject. The teachers should be sent to seminars in the divisional, regional levels so that they could become better & more effective in teaching science, thereby raising the student’s performance in the subject. It is also manner of satisfying their professional needs and for personal enrichment. Moreover, teachers should integrate values in every lesson as part of value formation.

The teachers should give emphasis on creative approach in learning since this is where the students could expressed themselves in terms of creativity & critical mindedness relative to the subject matter. The school heads should intensify the monitoring on the implementation of the DepEd’s programs, designed to improve the student’s performance. The students should be encouraged to develop a good study habits so that they could also perform better in the subject. Researchers also recommend the overviews of the Tools for Teaching by Barbara Gross Davis. Give frequent, early, positive feedback that supports student’s beliefs that they can do well. Ensure opportunities for student’s success by assigning tasks that are neither too easy nor too difficult. Help student’s find personal meaning and value in the material. Create an atmosphere that is open and positive.

Help students feel that they are valued members of learning community. (Jossey-Bass Publishers:San Francisco, 1993)

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