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Excretion Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Osmoregulation and Excretion

Introduction Many animals need to control the water content of their body because the concentration of their body fluids is different to that of their environment. The process by which the amount of water and concentration of soluble ions in the body are regulated is called osmoregulation. In most cases the organs which are responsible for osmoregulation are also involved in the excretion of metabolic waste products. In this practical you will conduct an experiment to determine the osmoregulatory ability of two organisms. You will also examine the organs responsible for osmoregulation and excretion of both invertebrates and vertebrates. 1. Osmoregulation Experiment Phascolosoma lurca (Phylum Sipuncula) and Uca coarctata, fiddler crab (Subphylum Crustacea) occur throughout the year in the mudflats…

´╗┐Water Diuresis in Man Practical Report

INTRODUCTION The body needs to maintain equilibrium to function properly in everyday life. The most important substance it must regulate is water; water is everywhere in our body and its balance is essential for proper body function. A very carefully regulated process is solute concentration. If there is a sudden increase in water which enters the extracellular fluid, sodium ions will then contribute less to the extracellular solute concentration as the ratio between water and solute has now changed. Osmolality is the amount of solute in a kilogram, hence the osmolality in the extracellular space has also decreased. Water diuresis is the increase in urinary water excreted with little or no change in the solute excretion. Excess water needs to…