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Excessive Talking Essay

I am being disciplined for talking in class without the teacher’s permission. I must realize that when too many people are talking at once, it is hard to hear and understand anyone at all. That is one reason why my teacher wants only one person to talk at a time. A second reason is that most people find it difficult to think about what they are trying to say if someone else is talking at the same time they are. A third reason I should not talk in class without first being given permission is that most people find it hard to concentrate on their schoolwork when others around them are talking.

There are times to listen and think and work quietly. It is at these times that I should not talk without being given permission first. Additionally, by paying attention to, and doing, my schoolwork instead of talking without permission, I will probably get better grades. When I talk in class, I bother everyone around me. I also bother my teacher. By talking in class I keep myself and others from learning. I also show others that I have not learned how to follow directions or how to control myself. Some students might find it hard to be friends with me if I cannot follow directions or control myself, because they could get in trouble too, by talking back to me during class.

In fact, if they get caught and I don’t, they will probably be angry at me because I started talking first! I should work very hard to not talk during class unless I get permission first. A step to learning how to stop talking is to know why I do it, and what problems it causes others. Then I need to make a plan for improving my behavior, like making a promise to the teacher (and myself) at the beginning of each class. Or, I could make a card to put on my desk during class that reads something like: “Get permission to talk.”

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