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Examples of sudden illness Essay

If they are out in the sun for a long period of time they may get sunburn or even sunstroke. When they are eating they may chock on the food. If the pavement is uneven they could even fall or they may go missing

Procedures to follow if accident/illness occurs

If an accident or illness occurs you will need to assess the situation before you do anything once you have done this you may need to phone an ambulance, once you have phoned the ambulance you will need to inform the care home so they can then contact the family member. Once you have returned you will need to fill out an accident report. Principles to be followed for safe moving and handling

Before you attempt to move anyone you need to assess the situation and more anything out of the way that may cause harm to yourself or the service user when lifting you need to keep your back straight and bend your knees you need to keep it close to you.

Important to follow the care plan and communication

It is important to follow a persons are plan because you need to know their need and their risk assessment. It is also important to communicate so they do not get worried and so other carers know what you are doing.

Staff responsibility for medication

The staff that is responsible for the medication are the ctm on duty if you go out a ctm will need to go to give the medication. All medication must be signed for and you must chek how it needs to be stored and how many are to be given and what time.

Agreed ways of:

Obtaining: to obtain medication you have to sign for it
Storing: to store medication it must be locked away
Administering: a ctm that is on duty must go with you to administer the
mediation Recording: all medication that is giving to a service user must be recorded in the medication book

Specialist training

a)Carrying out emergency first aid: you may not know the correct way to do something and could cause more harm. b)Assisting with moving and handling : if you do not have the training you do not know the correct way to transfer someone or how to help them stand further more you could injure yourself or the service user c)Handling mediation: you can not handle medication if you have not had training.

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