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The internet is a wondrous creation and the world is progressing rapidly ever since things have become available with just a click. It has an impact on our daily lives every day in more ways than one. With the use of internet, life has become easier and smoother and almost all required information are at our fingertips.

Before the internet, communication was done in 3 ways; face to face, written correspondence and through phone. Before mobiles there were landline telephones, and before that were telegrams and even before we had the ever so reliable system of the mailing letters via horse. Sending letters has to be one of the oldest ways of long distance communication in our society. Letters have been sent as far back as biblical times. Yet now we have a countless other ways to communicate: email, text, instant message, Facebook comment/reply/message, video chat, Face time, the list goes on and on. In fact, communication tools such as Face time are practically replacing face to face conversations completely.

Not that any technology will ever replace the experience of sitting face to face with someone and having a normal conversation, but it’s not like technology hasn’t taken any other aspects of communication and transformed it. But then again none of this wouldn’t be possible without the internet and the way it can allow us to communicate with other individuals from the farthest corners of the planet. We need the internet more than anything in today’s society and if somehow the internet were to just disappear out of thin air, the lives of millions of people would forever be different in all the wrong ways. The internet is the way of the future for communication, and the future starts now.

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